Catch Up With Our “Choose Your Partners Wisely: Strategic Choices for Embedded Librarians” SLA 2018 Conference Presentation

Did you miss the SLA 2018 Conference Presentation “Choosing Your Partners Wisely: Strategic Choices for Embedded Librarians”? Our panel presentation featured panelists Nadine Anderson (Behavioral Sciences Librarian, University of Michigan-Dearborn), Barbara Kahn-Aitken (Senior Research Analyst, The Coca-Cola Company) and Joel Scheuher (Business Reference Librarian, University of Michigan Ross School of Business, and formerly of General Motors), as well as moderator David Shumaker (Clinical Associate Professor, Catholic University of America). They shared strategies on using political and marketing insights to figure out both where in the organization to concentrate your efforts and which people in your organization you should partner with, so that you can maximize your value and achieve long-lasting success.

We’ve made the slides available, so catch up on this excellent advice from our speakers: Choose Your Partners Wisely panel slides.

Takeaways from this panel include:

  • Develop relationships with the decision-makers in your organization because they’ll open doors for you
  • Develop relationships with the administrative staff of the decision makers in your organization because they’re the ones that actually carry out the decisions (“the real influencers”)
  • Develop relationships with the departments within your organization that have clout
  • Choose collaborators who respect your expertise and see you as a partner in achieving organizational goals and outcomes
  • Don’t be afraid to say “no” to people in your org who don’t respect your expertise and/or don’t want to work with you on meaningful work (unless you politically have to)
  • Collaborate with people and on projects that will help you grow and further yourself in your organization
  • Collaborate with people who will give you credit for your joint successes and take the time to tell the story of your impact
  • Don’t be afraid to say “no” to projects that don’t benefit you or your library (unless you politically have to)

If you have follow-up questions, feel free to contact our panelists at:

  • Nadine Anderson:
  • Barbara Kahn-Aitken:
  • Joel Scheuher:

Many thanks to our speakers Nadine, Barbara, Joel, and Dave for your work on this panel presentation!

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