Embedded Librarian Posters: Nadine Anderson, Behavioral Sciences Librarian

Nadine Anderson: Poster

This poster is for my role as the embedded Behavioral Sciences Librarian at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. My faculty already know me well,  so this is geared towards my students in the Behavioral Sciences; to get my name and face out there as someone who can help them with their research from my office in the Behavioral Sciences department so they know they don’t have to traipse all the way across campus to the library to get research help. I’ve put this poster up in several prominent places around the Behavioral Sciences department: on the door to the Behavioral Sciences office, in their graduate student lounge, and in the Behavioral Sciences computer lab. I’ve received great feedback from my faculty on it, students seem to recognize me a lot more, and I’m getting more “drop ins” for research help at my Behavioral Sciences office. This poster has been a great marketing tool!

Nadine Anderson - 11X17 Poster

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  1. Thanks Nadine; I love the poster!


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