Get to know George Peckham-Rooney, “How to Get an Embedded Librarian Job” Webinar Panelist

George Peckham-Rooney is an embedded librarian and one of the panelists for our “How To Get An Embedded Librarian Job” webinar tomorrow, Tuesday, December 15, 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. US Eastern time. If you haven’t registered yet, go to, then read our interview below with George. This is the fifth and last interview in our “Getting to know you” interview series with our webinar panelists.

Getting to Know…George Peckham-Rooney

Q. 1. What is your job title?

George: Business Analyst I

Q. 2. Where do you work and how long have you worked there?

George: Emory University Law School, for 3 days

Q.3. What are your main job duties and how are you embedded?

George: I work in the graduate admissions department at the law school. My role revolves around managing their admission data to help key stakeholders better understand the student population and better meet their needs.

Q.4. How did you get your job?

George: I got the job through a traditional application.

End of interview

Thanks George!

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