Embedded Librarians Knowledge Café: What do you think of these discussion ideas? Any other suggestions?

This Sunday(!), we’re having the Embedded Librarians Knowledge Café at the SLA Conference, with roundtable discussions centered around various issues and topics. You can see the ideas Dave and I have received so far below – what do you think? Do you have any other ideas or suggestions which you’d like to discuss at this Sunday’s Knowledge Café? Dave and I will be compiling takeaways from these discussions to share with Caucus members, so even if you’re not coming to the SLA Conference, please feel free to share your ideas and suggestions with us.

  • Innovative tips, lessons learned, best practices, and “special sauce” for onboarding new embedded librarians
  • Organization/reporting structures that embedded librarians experience and the associated
  • Prospering over the long haul and avoiding burnout
  • Assessment and evaluation of embedded librarianship initiatives and programs
  • Embedded librarians as consultants, and how to communicate your potential
  • Budget and funding models – who funds embedded librarians?

Take care, and happy travels to Phoenix!

Nadine Anderson

Communications Chair, SLA Embedded Librarians Caucus

3 Responses to “Embedded Librarians Knowledge Café: What do you think of these discussion ideas? Any other suggestions?”

  1. Dan Trefethen says:

    Related to your “Embedded librarians as consultants”, I think you should highlight the potential of embedding librarians as knowledge management experts. I achieved success at this, and know many other librarians who shed the “L” title and marketed themselves as KM practitioners. Business managers can’t seem to translate “librarian” to “knowledge management”, but if we do it for them they understand immediately how useful we can be to their organization.

  2. Nadine Anderson says:

    Great idea Dan – thank you for sharing your suggestion with us. I think you’ve hit on another good topic for discussion, too: how do embedded librarians market what we do to people who fundamentally misunderstand what it is we do?

    • Dan Trefethen says:

      Yes, and the answer is some variation of “you have to speak their language, and show that you understand their needs in terms that they will recognize and respond to.”


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