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Panelist Answers to Your Questions from Webinar: Getting in on the Conversation – Implementing & Leveraging Embedded Librarianship

Our panelists from last week’s webinar, Getting in on the Conversation: Implementing & Leveraging Embedded Librarianship, have answered all your questions that we weren’t able to get to during the webinar, which we’ve compiled into this pdf file:  Q&As from Webinar Getting in on the Conversation-Implementing & Leveraging Embedded Librarianship.  You can also watch the recording of our webinar online at and see the presentation slides here.

Special thanks again to our webinar panelists Jean SongNadine Anderson, and Joel Scheuher.

Email David Shumaker ( or Nadine Anderson ( if you have any questions about this webinar or the SLA Embedded Librarians Caucus.


SLA Embedded Librarians Caucus     SLA Connect: Embedded Librarians Caucus (open)    Twitter: @SLAEmbedded

Convener: David Shumaker,

Communications Chair: Nadine Anderson,

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