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Welcome to the Embedded Librarians Caucus!


Welcome to the brand new SLA Embedded Librarians Caucus!

Approved by the SLA Board in May 2015, the Embedded Librarians Caucus is the first organizational home in any librarian / information professional association anywhere for embedded librarians.

Embedded Librarianship has been a growing model for the delivery of information and knowledge services for the past decade or more. It is defined as a strategic and operational management model that emphasizes the development of close, collaborative working relationships between librarians and information user groups.  Embedded librarians share the mission and goals of the group, and focus on contributing to its success by the application of their information and knowledge-related competencies. The functions they perform are diverse. They encompass teaching, research and analysis, stewardship of document- and data repositories, and other information- and knowledge-related work.

Embedded librarianship is applicable to all types of organizations and subject domains. The literature includes extensive documentation of the roles played by embedded librarians in health sciences, law firms, for-profit and non-profit corporations, government agencies, higher education, and other organizational settings, both large and small, spanning the globe.

Our aims are to serve SLA members by providing a forum for those interested in the theory and practice of embedded librarianship to network, share successes and challenges, and develop the theory and practice of embedded librarianship. Our goals are to:

  • Provide opportunities for embedded librarians to share knowledge and questions
  • Advance the theory and practice of embedded librarianship, and keep members apprised of new knowledge
  • Enable members to increase their value to their organizations by the application of embedded librarianship principles
  • Attract new members to SLA who want to be associated with a leading community of embedded librarians.

Whether you’re an embedded librarian now, or have an interest in taking on this kind of role in the future, you’re welcome to browse our site, and I hope you’ll decide to join up by adding the caucus to your SLA membership.

–Dave Shumaker, Caucus Convenor

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